Transportation and the City, Past and Present
Tom Wetzel 1999-2010

A Bygone Era

What was Pacific Electric (in brief)?
...with route map and statistics.

Why was Pacific Electric dismantled?
Was the "GM conspiracy" the cause? Why wasn't a subway system built in L.A. earlier in the 20th century?

The 1933 Rapid Transit Plan for Pacific Electric

Yellow Car on Western Avenue
Los Angeles Railway:
The Streetcar System that Built L.A.
...with route map, statistics and photo tours of Yellow Car lines.

How accurate was Changeling's portrayal of L.A. streetcars?

Red Car Tours

Tour of the San Pedro via Dominguez Line

Tour of the Glendale-Burbank Line

Tour of the Hollywood Boulevard Line

Tour of the Venice Short Line

Tour of the Santa Monica Boulevard-San Fernando Valley Line

Tour of the Sierra Vista Local Line and Pasadena Short Line

Tour of the Santa Monica via Beverly Hills Line

Tour of the Redondo Beach via Playa Del Rey Line

A Tour of the Western-Franklin Line

Tour of the Echo Park Avenue Line

Bits of Los Angeles, Past and Present

A Downtown Los Angeles
Walking Tour
(Part 1)
Downtown Tour Part 2: Angels Flight and Bunker Hill
...with a look at the Bunker Hill redevelopment project.

What caused the decline of downtown Los Angeles?

How Buses Came to Los Angeles:
Henry Huntington versus the People's Bus Company
...with starting dates for various lines

What was the biggest circulation daily paper in L.A. in the 1910-1920 period?
Hint: It wasn't the L.A. Times.

The Carless Majority: A History of Transit Ridership in Central Los Angeles

Public Transit and the Social Wage

Housing, Transportation and Sustainability

Organizing Around Transit: At the Intersection of Environmental Justice and Class Struggle
Origins and history of the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union.

A Look at the Strategy Center's Arguments Against Measure J

The Limits of New Urbanism/Smart Growth
Good ideas but what about affordability?

The Shared Equity Housing Solution: Resident Control and Permanent Affordability

Chinatown land trust helps low-income housing (S.F. Chronicle 6/30/09)

What is Gentrification?

Worker Management of the Barcelona Public Transit System, 1936-1939

San Francisco Fare Strike (2005)

Opposition in L.A. transit union (2006)

Organizing Worker Struggles Through Direct Democracy
The Barcelona Bus Drivers Struggle for Two Days Off, 2007-2008

A Self-management Approach to Housing (2002)

Gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District (2001)